Room 9 design and produce contemporary lighting and interior accessories exclusively in the UK. Combining simple and considered forms with a signature use of bold colour design. Guy Brown and Don Herd have created a collection of approachable, functional and playful pieces with distinct personality.

With a keen understanding and focus on materials and processes, the designers’ have utilized the wealth of local craftsmen to produce their pieces. Quality and honesty is at the forefront of their work and all made-to-order pieces are individually produced by the designers' in the London studio.

The duo’s expertise extends from hands-on manufacturing and production through to interior design, exhibitions and consultancy. The pair frequently fulfil requests for bespoke commissions alongside developing the core Room 9 collection.

It is this breadth of knowledge combined with an appetite for experimentation and an intrigue for everyday objects that informs and inspires their work together. Their playful consideration for processes, materials, form, function and colour creates pieces that are instilled with the designers’ unrelenting enthusiasm; pieces that bring joy to any home.
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