Full Spun

£ 145.00 GBP

The Room 9 Ceramic Pendant lights were inspired by traditional spun steel shades. Handmade in the UK, these delicate earthenware lights can shine solo, in uniform groups or mixed clusters.

Full Spun acts as an extension of the Half Spun form, with attention to detail seeking to capture and remain honest to the handmade process,. The exterior of the shade is left unfinished, giving the light natural matt finish of exposed earthenware. On this matt exterior can be seen the moulding marks which have been left exposed at three equal points. By contrast the interior of the shade is glazed in a high gloss yellow or blue.

These lights are hung using fabric cable, available in a soft silver or orange. All Room-9 shades comes with a 2m cable assembly which includes an E 27 light fitting.




Weight- 1kg

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